14 March 2013

THE GALLERY: Brittany DeLoach, painter

One of our primary goals here on Creative Sweet is to recognize talented people. In our series THE GALLERY we'll feature some of our favorite artists, local and otherwise, to share with you all. Today we are excited to introduce you to a friend of ours - Brittany DeLoach. An amazing painter and mama of two, this lady can't remember a time in her life when she wasn't involved in something creative. At sixteen she began painting pictures for books and stories she wrote. She soon discovered the work of a local artist whose work she admired and two years later she began her apprenticeship with him.

Edie Sedgwick by Ree
Her painting skills grew more refined and she soon found herself at her first art show. The first painting she ever sold was to a well-known artist Jeff Gaither. Brittany began regularly attending art shows in the Louisville area, displaying her signature flare and style for painting. If you're ever on the lookout for one of her pieces, or think you may have seen one in the past, she signs her paintings "Ree."

Now a wife and mother of two, Brittany says she mostly enjoys doing paintings for friends and her children's rooms. She often trades her artwork with other creatives.

Flyboy from Dawn of the Dead by Ree
Nannie Doss, serial killer (left) - portrait (right)
We did a Q&A with Brittany so you could learn a bit more about her:

Creative Sweet: First we have to say, we've seen a lot of your work, not just in photos, but even hanging in your own home. We love your style (seriously, we'd kill to have that Edie portrait) and it's obviously very distinct. How did you develop it?

Brittany: After I ventured off from doing creepy Halloween style paintings I decided I really loved screen printing but I knew I couldn't never do that. So, I decided to make my paintings as if they were screen prints, thick black outlines and brush marks. Then I got into painting on wood. I loved the way the wood and the bright paint I use look next to each other. I love finding scraps of wood and finding a picture that would be perfect for it.

CS: And of course this question is cliché, but we have to know - what has been your biggest source of inspiration over the years?

Brittany: Music! And old horror movies. I love reading bio books about old actresses, actors, and musicians who lived hard lives, rather [than those with] drug or mental issues. That might sound odd but it's just interesting. I like the not-so-glamorous side of the rich and famous.

CS: Your life has obviously changed a lot since you first started painting, you have different responsibilities and priorities. Where do you stand with your art right now?

Brittany: I don't look to make millions of dollars for any of it, it's just something I enjoy doing it to see a smile on [someone's] face. Knowing my artwork is hanging in someone's house is enough for me. For the first time in a long time I enjoy painting.
Brittany DeLoach
CS: You said that you enjoy painting for the first time in a long time, has it been hard to find time for painting with two little ones?

Brittany: Very much so! But I enjoy painting more now because I have overcome a lot of issues. I wasn't comfortable painting because I was at art shows every month and I was always in the art scene, but then when I [had a falling] out with an artist that was helping me it was just bam - all over. Then this past year I picked up the paintbrush and realized I don't need anyone, I can do it myself. I have been doing paintings for kids' rooms, for my family, and friends which is amazing!

CS: Do you hope to do more art shows in the future? Or possibly open a shop, maybe even online?

Brittany: I do and don't. Nothing is more amazing then having art shows and putting your babies out there to be judged, but the art community is so ridiculous. It's who you know and whose ass you need to kiss all the time. I see good artists go unnoticed and nothing makes me more mad. Also I am not a people person,  which is terrible, so that too. I want to start a kids art gallery very soon! Also I am looking into trading art for art's sake, I think that is the most amazing thing the art community could do.

We wish we could tell you that Brittany has a fan page on Facebook, or an Etsy shop where she sells her work, but she doesn't at this time. She does however keep a blog about raising her two kiddos called The Padawan Years (Star Wars fans rejoice in that cute little homage) and you can follow her on Twitter here. We love her tweets, especially the hilarious comments about her husband, as well as his responses.

If you're interested in Brittany's work and would like to talk to her about trading your own artwork or commission a piece you can contact her here: ree.animator@hotmail.com

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  *All photos courtesy of Brittany DeLoach

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