We enjoy good design, incredible music, the very best (and sometimes worst) of pop culture, stunning photography, and the people behind it all. We know we're not alone, so we created a website where we can share a little of everything. The possibilities are endless when it comes to what you may see here.

Creative Sweet began as a simple idea - somewhere for one writer to share all of the wonderful things that just didn't have place anywhere else. It evolved into creating a space for celebrating creativity in all forms where everyone is welcome.

So, who is that writer?
Creative Sweet founder, Ashley Stone

Not to bore you to pieces, but my name is Ashley and I have been writing for as long as I can remember. For every minute of my childhood I spent playing, I spent another packing a notebook around and scribbling down my most random thoughts.

My favorite story from that time still resides in a multicolored notebook at my parent's home in which I tell you, my reader, in great detail, about the cactus that sits in my windowsill and how beyond the window I notice the neighborhood children, who I tell you about for a bit, and in the end I come back to chat you up about that damn cactus. Apparently the cactus was very important to me in second grade. My teacher told me the story reminded her of Mark Twain and I was highly offended, as it as my story and not his. Now that I'm older I realize that's a pretty nice comment for an eight-year-old.

I was constantly reading, watching, learning, and then writing my thoughts on any given thing, somewhere. I've had blogs before blogs were a thing (all since deleted because you would not believe the embarrassment) and when I packed my bags for college I took at least fifteen composition books overflowing with my words. Over those four years I transitioned most of my writing to my computer, although I still keep plenty of notebooks lying around. (I'm collecting them at this point until I have just the right words... At least that's what I tell myself because who really needs twenty blank notebooks in assorted sizes and colors lying about?)

I went to school for television and film production, but knew my heart wouldn't be happy if I didn't partake in some kind of creative writing, luckily I was able to minor in just that. While there I had some of the most extraordinary professors - poets, novelists, grammar Nazis - always pushing and encouraging each student to push themselves further, explore their stories, characters, settings more. I had a short story I wrote likened to the work of Chuck Palahniuk and I think part of me died from happiness in class that day. Primarily because Mr. Palahniuk is a favorite of mine, but also because at this age I understood what a great compliment it was to be compared to an author of that caliber.

I hate to admit that I've grown away from that style of writing, but it's true. I hope to find myself back there some day, but for now the words I write are about the things I am passionate about and I am right where I belong. My love of writing has lead to a love of discovery - finding good, beautiful things and hardworking, passionate people that I can tell the world about.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for taking the time to read this, any of this. For taking the time to visit, to comment, to follow along, all of it. I appreciate the support more than you know and hope this labor of love continues to grow. All of the things you will see here are representative of things I believe in and hold dear, the art, music, words, even if they are not mine own.

Is there something or someone you think we should be talking about? Shoot us an email. We're always open to suggestions and contributor opportunities: creativesweetblog@gmail.com

*contributors coming soon*

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