19 March 2013

POP REVIEW: The Walking Dead (S3, E14) "Prey"

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This week we started off somewhere we haven't been before - a flashback with Andrea and Michonne. We see the pair huddled around a fire with Michonne's walkers in tow. The two joke, but things get more serious when Andrea asks about the pet walkers. Michonne is very clear when she states that "They deserved what they got. They weren't human to begin with." This quietens Andrea, but it leaves us wondering - what exactly does she mean, and who are these "pets?"

Back in the present-day we land in Woodbury where The Governor is toying around with chains, those of Michonne's walkers to be exact, in what appears to be a torture chamber. Back out on the street Andrea and Milton watch Martinez pack guns on to a truck. When Andrea questions the deal that was made between Woodbury and the prison group Milton tries to cover-up, telling her it's precautionary.

In the torture chamber we see Milton attempt to talk The Governor down, to let his grudge against Michonne go. We quickly learn that is not going to happen - The Governor is hellbent on avenging Penny, his zombie daughter that Michonne killed. Milton obviously sees that his leader is more unhinged than usual and decides to tell Andrea that the deal is a lie - The Governor has plans to slaughter everyone in the prison group, no matter what. Milton also takes Andrea to the second level of the building that houses the torture room where a grate is located so he can show her what The Governor has planned for Michonne.

While discussing what action she should take (she opts for FINALLY killing him) he comes back to visit the chamber. Milton quietens Andrea and the two watch The Governor stroll around the room, pleased with his the possibilities it holds. He even sits in the dental chair and records himself whistling creepily into a tape recorder. Andrea takes aim with her gun through the grate, but Milton pulls it away, still defending Philip, the man he was before The Governor. Andrea decides to leave Woodbury and go back to the prison and warn the others.

As she steps out onto the street Martinez asks Andrea for her gun, a new request from The Governor. He just so happens to be on the street as well and tells Andrea it's to protect her and that he wants her to accompany him to the prison so they can make the deal the next day. She agrees, but moments later flees for the wall. Tyreese and Sasha are on guard duty so Andrea tries to lie and get them to leave their post. When the two refuse to budge she finally tells them the truth - that she's leaving and The Governor is "not what he seems to be." Andrea goes over the wall and heads up the abandoned street.

The Governor interrogates Tyreese and Sasha, who challenge his questions a bit, asking if this is some kind of prison camp. He assures them that he is only concerned for her safety, trying to smooth things over. The Governor also speaks to Milton about Andrea, who tries to convince him to just let her go back to her people. During this exchange The Governor gets very heated when learns that Milton has not only told Andrea about the plan to attack the prison, but that she's headed there to reveal it to Rick and the others.

Allen and Tyreese get into an argument over all of the things that are going on. Allen believes that Tyreese and Sasha are going to jeopardize their residence in Woodbury and goes further by telling him that he (Tyreese) emasculated him in front of his wife and son while they were together. During this time Martinez collects the group to help with something...

We see Andrea running down the road and suddenly the sound of an approaching truck catches her attention. She bolts into the woods to avoid being seen by The Governor and is almost eaten by a hoard of walkers. Luckily she has her knife and manages to get away.

Martinez takes the new group to a pit full of walkers and requests their help. Tyreese refuses to help preform any task that deals with feeding people to the walkers, which causes another confrontation with Allen. The two fight and Tyreese threatens to drop Allen into the walker pit.

While running through a field Andrea spots The Governor's truck again. She attempts to out run him while he chases her in the truck and escapes into an abandon warehouse. He follows her inside, walking through the building and listening to for any movement on her part. He whistles, he drags a shovel, and eventually begins using it to break out windows. When Andrea tries to escape she is met with a stairwell full of walkers and when she turns to try another way out she finds herself cornered by The Governor. She quickly ducks into the stairwell, slipping behind the door, and allows the walkers to descend on The Governor. As the walkers begin to claw at him we see her booking it out of the warehouse as he screams from the inside. 

We also see some unknown person venture out to Woodbury's walker pit at night and torch the pit, the trailers they planned to use for transport - everything.

As Andrea reaches the prison she raises her hand to the guard tower, trying to gain Rick's attention. Before he sees her The Governor reaches up from behind and pulls her to the ground.

Back at Woodbury The Governor's men find the remains of the scorched walkers and trailers back at their pit. The Governor returns soon after telling Martinez that he was unable to find Andrea. Martinez tells him about the burned walkers, and his suspicions that the culprit was Tyreese.

Once again The Governor talks to Tyreese and his group, claiming the pit walkers were only a scare tactic. After Tyreese apologies for being difficult The Governor asks where they got the gasoline. Tyreese is very confused, as he was not the one who set the pit on fire. Moments later The Governor runs into Milton on the street. Milton mentions that it's a shame about the pits and he hopes that The Governor finds out who did it. As the two stand there The Governor stares Milton down and tells him "Already have."

Our final shot is of Andrea, with the pet walker's chain dangling behind her, she sits bound, gagged, and waiting for The Governor to return to the torture chamber...

Like last week this episode has built a foundation for the season finale, focusing on not solely Andrea, but also the failed relationship she previously shared with The Governor and his downward spiral to pure insanity.

It's very obvious that The Governor has been a sociopath for a lifetime, likely triggered by the apocalypse and the loss of his family, but he was just better at hiding it before Michonne killed his zombie daughter. Now that he's lost Penny and there is no chance in ever having her back (because I think part of him still believe she was in there) he has completely gone off the deep end. Once he came to recognize that Andrea has loyalties elsewhere and she wasn't fully committed to him and his cause it was very obvious (to everyone but Andrea) that she was completely disposable. She has been playing his game for some time now and unfortunately, he's winning at the moment.

One of the more interesting conflict's we're seeing at the moment is with Milton. He's both trying to hold on to hope that Philip is somewhere in there, not just The Governor persona, but it's like at the same time he's realizing that it's not possible. Just like the walkers are no longer the people they used to be, The Governor has forever lost any humanity he once had and Philip is no more. Milton did keep Andrea from shooting his frenemy, but he also encouraged her to tell her people about the impending ambush AND he torched the pit walkers. At least, I have a hard time believing anyone else did it.

In the grand scheme of this whole apocalypse I think Milton is a good guy, but a good guy with no backbone. He fits perfectly into "the weak will inherit the earth" mold suggested by Morgan in prior episodes. Unfortunately, I have a strong suspicion that he will not survive the end of this season... Am I alone in that prediction? My hope is, that if Milton is going to die, that he at least goes out serving a purpose, "for the greater good." My very specific hope is that he rescues Andrea from the torture chamber. Now, it seems unlikely that anyone other than The Governor and Milton know it exists, so if I had to guess how that plays out I would guess that if Milton sets her free he will pay for it with his life.

We didn't touch base with the prison group at all, but I'm thinking Rick and company (at least Hershel) have devised a plan in which they trade Michonne for their safety, but it's all a ruse. They can test The Governor's word and by planning their attack in this way, making The Governor and his cronies believe they are defenseless, they can have the upper hand. Fingers crossed any way! Any scenario that involves the Woodbury survivors being more prepared makes me afraid of who we may lose in the "war."

I've stated more than once that Andrea is not one of my favorites, it's just too hard to like her after all of her bad decisions, but dying at the hands of The Governor is a worse fate than being eaten by a walker at this point. He is just terrible.

Do you have an thoughts or predictions for The Walking Dead? We only have 2 episodes left before the finale! (Please, if you have read the comics do not spoil anything for those of us that are watching the show first and reading later.)

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