01 March 2013

design done right: inaluxe

Good design is hard to come by and that is why the series Design Done Right exists. The purpose of this series is to expose lesser-known designers, as well as showcase some of the more well-known ones because they are just that good. From paper goods to art prints, web design and typography - we embrace the method to the madness (seriously, have you met a designer?) and wholeheartedly encourage it to continue.

Today we're sharing a great find - the small independent studio Inaluxe, residing in Australia. We love the bright colors, neutral details, and abstract elements that define Inaluxe. You can order a colorful nature-themed prints in a range of sizes and prices from their shop, or if you're lucky enough to live in New Zealand you can shop the endemic world pop up store.

The duo behind Inaluxe states: "We believe if you're going to do something, do it well, and make sure it stands the test of time." That's a message we can get behind.

(Click through each image to view in the shop)

Besides the shop, Inaluxe also has a blog. All images were obtained from the Inaluxe shop.

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