23 May 2013

Exploring 21c Museum Hotel Cincinnati

If you enjoy art and travel we have a fantastic hotel in mind for your next trip - 21c Museum Hotel. With locations in Louisville, Cincinnati, and Bentonville this relatively new chain (only having opened their first location in 2006) is a unique place to not only stay, but experience. The Louisville 21c is a place we've visited regularly for dinner and drinks at their restaurant - Proof On Main - and to visit the gallery. A recent trip to Cincinnati however, was the first time we have stayed in the hotel itself.

our photo doesn't do this place justice

Aside from the service being excellent the hotel proved to be unlike any other we had stayed in before. Art is not only located in the museum gallery, but throughout the hotel. Artistic touches are everywhere from the art work displays outside the elevator doors to the bathroom tiles - ours had relief body parts protruding from various tiles. The rooms had a contemporary style throughout and many of the little extra touches - the stylish alarm clock, an old school phone headset that attaches to your iPhone, magazines, and bath samples - were all available for purchase in their shop downstairs. You could also pick up your own ceramic yellow penguin.

We toured a portion of the gallery the night we arrived at the hotel and the rest in the morning before checkout. Every nook and cranny of the space holds something new and unexpected, and be sure to visit during the day and night! Some installations may only be viewed properly at night when it's dark (in our case a light display that we missed out on the night before didn't really hold in splendor in the daylight.) Check out a few of our photos below:

Josephine Taylor, Bomb Landscape #4, 2006

Judy Fox, Power Play

Julie Nord, Unknown relative (Wilbur), 2011
The Niece, 2011
A Distant Aunt, 2011

yellow penguin!

bathroom tiles

Carlos and Jason Sanchez,
The Baptism, 2003

Vee Speers, From the Birthday Party series 2007

Ellen Kool hallway

Ellen Kool, The Dike 2000

Ellen Kool

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