10 April 2013

POP REVIEW: The Walking Dead (S3, E16) "Welcome to the Tombs" FINALE

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The show opens on a brutal scene - The Governor is giving someone we cannot see a pretty brutal beating as he discussing what Penny would think of him now. At first we think the person may be Andrea, after all we left her a few weeks ago bound and gagged in his torture chamber, but we learn that it is Milton. The Governor tells him that Penny would still be alive if he had been like this so long ago, but he also admits that she would fear him.

The Governor momentarily takes Milton into the torture chamber, where Andrea still waits, and boasts about his plans to kill the survivors at the prison.

Milton is promptly ordered to kill Andrea, but instead turns on The Governor and tries to kill him. To no avail. Milton is overpowered and The Governor stabs him in the stomach telling him that he will die and and turn, then he will "rip the flesh from her bones" in reference to Andrea. The Governor leaves the torture chamber, bolting the door from the outside.

At the prison the Rickocracy is busy loading all of their supplies and personal belongings into their vehicles. While Carl proceeds to give Rick the cold shoulder, the former sheriff looks upon the catwalk as he has many times before. The hallucination/ghost/whatever you're calling it of Lori stares back at him. Carol attempts to console Daryl by telling him that Merle helped their odds when it comes to The Governor.

In the cell block Rick tells Michonne about the deal he had to make and assures her that he wouldn't have gone through with it. Michonne accepts the apology and lets him know that she understands - that he had to at least consider it and thanks him for her acceptance into the group. He makes sure to let her know that Carl was in her corner on that one.

The troops assemble in Woodbury and Tyreese approaches The Governor, Sasha in tow, to tell him that they will not fight. The two offer to stay behind, protect the women and children. At first it seems like Ol' Phil isn't going to go for this one, but he seems to accept the plan and agree with their stance. The Woodbury army heads to the prison. They drive right into the yard, break into the gate, and walk right in the front door to a seemingly abandoned fortress.

Back in Woodbury injured Milton tells Andrea that he left pliers behind the chair she's strapped into and that she should be able to reach them with her feet and then free herself. He encourages her to hurry so she sets to work. However, she also tries to converse with Milton instead of working toward the pliers which kept us on the edge of our seats. Thanks Andrea for always focusing on something other than the task at hand!

As The Governor's group moves in the empty prison he commands them to split up and seek out Rick and his people. As one group makes their way into the tombs smoke grenades temporarily stun them, an alarm goes off, and walkers begin attacking. As the people flee the prison the other survivors begin firing on them,  scaring them back into their vehicles and on to the road.

While keeping an eye on the remaining people at Woodbury Tyreese and Sasha briefly discuss their plans, which include slipping out once The Governor returns. Elsewhere in Woodbury, Milton is chatting up Andrea while on his death bed. She confesses that she sincerely wanted to "save everyone" and that is why she stayed in Woodbury. She still hasn't secured those pliers by the way, and Milton urges her to hurry.

We learn that Hershel, Carl, Beth, and little Ass Kicker are safely tucked away in the woods and not at the prison fighting. Carl is very displeased with this, but don't worry - as Woodbury retreats one kid stumbles across the group in the woods and even though he offers up his gun Carl shoots him anyway. Killer Carl. Hershel is stunned.

Once they're all back at the prison the survivors agree to go after the Woodbury army and finish what they started. Carl wants to join and brags about shooting the boy in the woods. Rick seems proud, but Hershel is obviously disturbed by this and tells Rick that the boy surrendered and Carl killed him anyway. Carl insists the boy drew on him, but Hershel make it very obvious that Carl is skewing the story.

The Woodbury crew is hauling ass back to town with The Governor at the rear when he realizes that his people are fully retreating. He pulls his truck to the front of the caravan and halts everyone. They all get out of their vehicles and he is enraged, screaming at them and asking where they're going. The people refuse to fight, telling him they don't care if Rick and his people want the prison. Ol' Phil does NOT accept this and opens fire on his army, killing any and everyone (with the exception of Martinez and Shumpert, who seem to have reservations about this loyalty to a lunatic.) The three of them load up and hit the road.

In true Andrea fashion she finally gets the pliers with her feet, but then drops them. This is around the same time she realizes Milton is dead and his hand is twitching.

Rick questions Carl about the boy he killed again. He finally admits that the boy was surrendering, but that he had to shoot him citing that people Rick let live when had the chance to kill them were the cause of several the other survivors' deaths - including Lori and Merle.

Glen and Maggie stay to protect the prison, in the event The Governor passes back through while Michonne, Daryl, and Rick head to Woodbury. Before long they come across the massacre on the road, all of the fallen Woodbury townspeople. A lone survivor, Karen rises in the window of a truck, hands raised, letting them know she survived.

While Andrea has finally kicked it into gear with the pliers, she still isn't free. Milton rises as a walker and makes his way toward her just as she frees herself from the chair. We cut to a shot of the hallway outside and only hear her scream as he moves in.

Tyreese and Sasha are on the wall as Rick and company roll into Woodbury with Karen. They call out and Karen explains that The Governor killed everyone and she managed to escape. Tyreese and Sasha stand down.

Rick notes that Andrea was not at the prison and suggest they look for her. They return to the building where Glenn and Maggie were held and make their way to the interrogation room. A pool of blood is seeping from beneath the door. They open the door to find Milton dead and Andrea laid up against the wall. She shows them her neck where Milton bit her. Michonne is visibly upset when Andrea insists on shooting herself. The others wait outside while the two women stay locked in the interrogation room together for Andrea's last moments. We hear a gunshot only seconds later.

Rick and his group return to the prison with a school bus full of the remaining Woodbury people. Tyreese leads the newcomers into the prison and Carl's jaw is practically on the ground over what is happening. Rick tells him that they are joining them in the prison and his displeasure with this is blatantly obvious. Rick looks up to the catwalk, where he normally sees Lori, only for her not to be there.

We are furious that The Governor is still alive! You? After all of the horrible things he's spent the season doing, and then massacring his own people, it's pretty much unthinkable that he didn't die in the finale. Hopefully he doesn't get to linger too much next season...

We have to admit that Andrea's death was far sadder than we anticipated. For disliking her so much, in the end it really sucks how she died and that it was because of The Governor. She genuinely did want to save everyone, and while we find that kind-hearted and admirable, we also can't help but remind ourselves that the world doesn't work that way anymore and she just wasn't meant for it.

Killer Carl by the way... While he did have a GREAT point that not killing some people and it coming back to bite their group in the ass, it was still a little twisted to him to just shoot some kid who was only out there because The Governor was a mad man. I'm sure Carl is going to remain ruthless in the future, but hopefully he can work a little mercy and compassion in there along the way and not seem so psychopathic when it killing people. The world is different, but Carl is just a little young to be so cold-hearted. (And no, it doesn't matter that his mom died so brutally. He'd likely be this way even if she was alive since his life has been screwed up for quite a while now.)

It's also worth mentioning that we are not crazy about Woodbury coming to live in the prison. No, not because we think that they will harm Rick, but because the people are old, they are mothers, they are children, and in the event another Governor type shows up there are far too many people to protect and far too few to protect them. There's also the matter of food and space. Oh, and if any of those old folks die in their sleep - well, everyone is infected with zombie virus so they will be "waking up" walkers, someone needs to plan for this. RICK?! As nice of them as it is, this just has bad idea written all over it. Our people have banded together and fought for so much to take on so much responsibility and unfamiliar people now. I guess we'll see how it goes...

We are excited fro Sasha and Tyreese to be on the right side finally! (Ben and Allen free, well because they're dead but also because they were awful.) And Karen is certainly an interesting new addition. We can't wait to see where next season goes! What about you?

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